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Are you looking for the perfect weekend get a away? Then Mala Mala campsite is the place to be. Mala Mala campsite is located about 50 kms, South of Nairobi City on the rain shadow area (leeward side) of Ngong Hills.

It is nestled between the territories of the Maasai community in a little known region along the Great Rift Valley called Nj’rooj. Where from the Eastern Side you enjoy beautiful scenic view of the Ngong Hills and on the Western Side you see Ole Sayieti and Oloruka Hills with extra ordinary features and a serene environment. The Campsite has metamorphosed from grazing ground for Maasai herds to a tranquil home away from city life. The area has not opened up to the outside world due to poor roads perhaps contributing to its untouched beauty.


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Mother Nature has endowed the area with an amazingly rough and rocky terrain, a perfect destination for those craving a great expedition and hikes. As you walk the rocky tracks you get to savour the beautiful landscape of dry rivers. One of the best places for a hike is Ole Sayieti and Oloruka Hills. As you hike you cannot miss great sights such as amazing features. The other sights to behold are the magnificent view of the valley towns and Maasai manyattas during the night.
Nature as some psychologists say has the ability to absorb anxiety and is a powerful tool as being in the bush and away from city life  makes one calmer. Nature is a also another form of attention restoration therapy, where one can concentrate better by looking at trees. Nature has a soft fascinating quality and has a way to make one less irritable.

Camping here makes you feel you are out in the wild but safe, with only a few laughing hyenas that will never come close to a campfire. The Campsite gives an opportunity to get close to the local maasai culture. If you crave some solitude this is the place to be. Everybody loves a good place to rest, probably after working for 4 months without a break.

Mala Mala campsite is a great place for photoshoots, offering a large view of the Rift Valley floor. The area around the campsite provides a magical touch to even amateur photographers lens, creating unforgettable pictures and videos. The best time is early in the morning when the sun’s first rays hit the valley or in the evening between 6pm- 7pm. Shots from the area often tell an epic story of Ngong Hills.

Experience a wild world to roam and make precious memories with chirping birds, and the sound of rattling leaves blowing in the breeze from the Ngong Hills. Mala Mala campsite has a clean compound and is perfect for picnics and for nature lovers to connect with calmness.

Mala Mala campsite is a place one can visit as an individual, a couple or a family to bond with nature. In Mala Mala you will learn about more then 100 species of trees and shrubs that are used by traditional Maasai community for medicinal and improving health purposes.

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Camp Mala Mala

What we Offer

Experience a wild world

Bee keeping Act

Orientation to Beekeeping

Beekeeping is the art of managing bees in order to obtain honey, beeswax and other bee products for both food and income (and sometimes medicine).

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Basic camping facilities provided in most of the sites including water, toilet & bathroom and kitchen or open huts.

Mala Mala Trekking

Mala Mala Trekking

Our quality trekking trips will take you to places that most will never experience.

Maasai Culture

Maasai Culture

Unlike many other tribes in Kenya, the Maasai are semi-nomadic and pastoral: they live by herding cattle and goats.


Affordable Cottages in Kenya

Costs Per night Kes 4,000

Mala Mala Campsite Rates

Budget Camping in Kenya

Camping: Kshs 500 per night (per person) with own equipment

Picnics and outings – Kshs 100 per adult and 50/- per child (between 3-12 years) 7am- 7pm daily

Campers Package

Single accommodation – Kshs 1,500 per person per night for a tent, mattress, blanket and bonfire. You may carry your bedsheets/ sleeping bags.

Double accommodation – Kshs 2000/- for 2 pax per night for a tent, mattress, blankets and bonfire. You may carry your bedsheets/ sleeping bags.

Facilities – bring your own or hire

Facilities – bring your own or hire

Item Cost
Charcoal Kshs. 3,000 per sack

Kshs 400 per debe

Cooking burner plus gas Kshs. 1,000/- per day for a group upto 20 pax
Choma grill Kshs. 500/- per day
Cutlery Kshs 50 per set
Board games Kshs 200 per half day.

Camper’s package – bring your own or hire

Item Cost
Camping with Mala Mala Camp equipment Kshs 1,500 per person per night for a tent, mattress, blanket and bone fire. You may carry your bedsheets/ sleeping bags
2 man camping tent only Kshs. 1,250
Mattress Kshs 200 per night
Sleeping bag Kshs 200 per night
Blanket/ duvert Kshs 100 per night


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“I just appreciate the tranquility at Mala Mala. It was a lovely getaway.”

~ Jane

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